Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 day photo challenge...in way less than 30 days!

We saw this on a couple of the other well-to-do blogs and thought to ourselves, we are cool, we need to get in on this! So, we're gonna do it, in half the time. boom.
Day 1:

I excel at creating self portraits of myself. This particular specimen was done during our stick figure college phase. I actually really looked like this, I wore short dresses and waved at everyone. The symbolism of the lack of nose is extremely deep, so deep that only I understand in the inner mechanisms of my mind. I meant to write "I'm Different!" on the top of the paper, since everyone was creating close up masterpieces of their face, but I didn't want to follow the crowd. What I actually ended up doing was getting overly excited and putting an "n" where an "n" shouldn't go. And then I gave up.

This is Natalie, and my picture is of "something on a shelf." This, as you can plainly see, is Shark Boy. He has been our constant companion since our Senior trip from high school in 2005. We adopted him from a McDonalds Happy meal somewhere in California, and he is pretty freakin' cool. He has this superpower where you push in the fin on his back, and I am not really sure what is supposed to happen after that, but its still fun to do. Today, Sharky Boy climbed up on this shelf. What a crazy dude!


  1. Thanks Michelle! You are probably the only person on the planet who reads this blog :) - Natalie