Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 day photo challenge...in way less than 30 days!

We saw this on a couple of the other well-to-do blogs and thought to ourselves, we are cool, we need to get in on this! So, we're gonna do it, in half the time. boom.
Day 1:

I excel at creating self portraits of myself. This particular specimen was done during our stick figure college phase. I actually really looked like this, I wore short dresses and waved at everyone. The symbolism of the lack of nose is extremely deep, so deep that only I understand in the inner mechanisms of my mind. I meant to write "I'm Different!" on the top of the paper, since everyone was creating close up masterpieces of their face, but I didn't want to follow the crowd. What I actually ended up doing was getting overly excited and putting an "n" where an "n" shouldn't go. And then I gave up.

This is Natalie, and my picture is of "something on a shelf." This, as you can plainly see, is Shark Boy. He has been our constant companion since our Senior trip from high school in 2005. We adopted him from a McDonalds Happy meal somewhere in California, and he is pretty freakin' cool. He has this superpower where you push in the fin on his back, and I am not really sure what is supposed to happen after that, but its still fun to do. Today, Sharky Boy climbed up on this shelf. What a crazy dude!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cup stuff...this is why we're hot.

We are all about keeping up with the latest beat on the street, holla. It seems like nowadays everyone is taking pics of their food and the recipe. Not that anyone did not already know what a hamburger looks like or how to make a salad. Anyway, we figure we will share some of our vast knowledge of food and our many adventures of eating such fancy dishes.

How to prepare a gourmet lunch:

To begin, find something "gourmet" in your pantry, we found this container of Cup Noodles (The Original Since 1971)

For your convenience, there are many varieties, we chose beef. In case you don't know what beef is:

Now you follow the directions on the box. Or don't, whatever. As long as you end up with some sort of noodles, we think you will be fine. Our final product turned out pretty fantastic, but we don't want to brag or anything, so we will not provide the picture. You would all probably just get jealous and then doubt your abilities to make this meal.

Now what we have all been waiting for, don't freak out when you see this word, CUPCAKES!
Cupcakes are so big right now, if you are awesome, and you want to be with the popular kids, you WILL like cupcakes.

This picture was taken a year ago, before anyone even knew what a cupcake was, and we were friends with one. We also like to miniaturize things before anyone else, so, ya look at us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The day I discovered what I really wanted

6:01 AM. The wind is blowing through my curtains and making the blinds crash against my window. My eyes slowly opened. I lay there for a moment, slightly paralyzed from my nightmare. The last thing I remember was falling, falling into a gray churning ocean.
6:02 AM THe vampire entered my room. I am pretty sure he bit my neck.
6:03 AM Yes I am sure of it now. I see the crimson scarlet dark cherry color drip onto my beautiful white 200 thread count sheets.
6:03:45 seconds AM- shi fuh. Now I have to wash my sheets. Good thing I bought a brand new LG red washing machine with matching dryer with front loading capabilities. It even handles bulky loads so maybe I will throw in some towels too.
6:03:50 seconds AM - wait...why the fuh am I thinking about washing things! I have been bitten. I am now immortal.
6:40 AM oh no I fell back asleep...the venom has completely taken control of my body. Well, unless I am drunk. Because somehow I am flying through the sky. I do not remember even pulling my blinds away from my window. Gosh they are annoying.
7:00 AM - I quite enjoy flying. These new bat wings that sprouted from my back feel amazing as I soar across lakes and fields. People look like little ants.
7:45 AM - I feel very refreshed after my morning fly. But enough about that, I have to be to work in fifteen minutes! I hope people do not notice my fangs. or my bat wings.
8:00 AM - I touch down in the parking lot. shloop...my bat wings suck back into my body. oh good, now I can avoid those awkward conversations. but I have another problem, I'm....thirst. yeah. thirst.
8:01 AM Good thing the soda machine was right around the corner. I bought my Sprite. It was still cold and dripping slowly with condensation. I tap the top 3 times with my finger..tap tap tap. I slowly lower my hand to open the cold beverage, excited for what is coming...which is my coworker. I hit him on the head and stash him behind the machine. mmm lunch.
12:00 PM - I come to. What happened??? Everyone around me is dead. Blood is oozing onto the floor. I count at least 15 bodies. I walk down the hall, the carnage is everywhere. The horror. The horror. I look down and my stomach is bloated from the large quantities of blood I consumed.
12:30 PM - This is when things started to get weird. I had to hide. I jumped in my silver volvo and sped to the airport. I bought the next available flight to Italy. I MUST find the Volturi. Oh wait....nevermind, that stuff is not real. duh! I must find another solution to my vampiric state of being...after I eat this fat guy.
2:30 PM - Well that took longer than I thought. He was really really fat. anyways...I remember this movie I watched. The whole world had become vampires and they were running out of blood so they found this guy who stepped into the sun and caught on fire then jumped in some water and bam. Human again. This has to be real. This is the only way I feel that I can save my soul. I need to find a cross roads demon to confirm this story.
3:00 PM - Luckily, Sam and Dean were right around the corner. They always know where to find crazy supernatural stuff! Its like they are....hunters. So they took me up to the Wells Fargo building where I would have maximum sunlight. I can feel my skin lighting on fire. I jump into the Great Salt Lake and....
5:00 PM - Slowly my eyes open. I am in a suite. I see "Grand America" embroidered on one of the pillows, I slowly turn my head to the side, Dean, laying next to me, turns and cradles my head in his large hands. *Snuggle* "Are you okay baby?" he says softly. I was so worried about you.
5:01 PM This is it. True love. Really. We decide to celebrate our love with a bottle of champagne and an episode of The Hills. Those crazy kids! Can you believe Heidi? What did she do with that face!? and Justin Bobby....I think Dean and I will name our kid that. Even if its a girl.
5:29 PM: Dean uses the bathroom.
5:29:30 seconds PM- I am missing Dean. I change the channel. Stephanie is so stupid.
5:35 PM: Dean is still in the bathroom. I knock and ask if everything is okay.
5:35: 01 PM - "yes dear, I am ok."
5:40 PM: Dean is still in there. I hear a knock on the door, I look through the peephole. Its sam! "Get out of there!" he shouts, "It's not really dean! Its the trickster!"
6:00 PM - Luckily, I carry a gigantic wooden stake around in my pocket. Never know when its going to come in handy. I took care of that Trickster....for EVER! Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I am tired from battle. I get a drink of water. But it does not quench my thirst. I thought I was cured from Vampire-ism! But my bat wings are gone...what is happening?!?!
6:01 PM - omg! oh noes! suddenly everything is swirling together in a black mist, I am turning in circles! everything is blending together, slowly everything dissolves and I am falling...falling....
6:02 PM - And I land in Zac Effrons arms. THIS is what I really wanted..what I needed...a handsome man to love me and not lock himself in the bathroom all night!!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


wait we are supposed to post together no?!
I think there is someone out there for everyone, love between a backstreet boy and Natalie can exist.
That is all the insight I have to share for the day.

Alien Fingers....ooo spooky alien fingers.
HUZZAH! I finally figured out how to log on here, after 3 weeks. coooool. I also just want to let you all know that Nick Carter wants me, and probably wants to marry me too. Also, Twilight numero 3 is not bad. at least Edward keeps his shirt on.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sad Stories

Such a depressing topic. Sad Stories. Once upon a time I owned a goat. Well, I didn't own it, my dad bought it. I guess he had always wanted a goat, or something. One time she had babies. When we first got her she wandered up the street and into our neighbors living room, dropping little goat poops wherever she went. Anyways, Casper, oh that's her name, Casper the friendly goat, one day she was shivering, and I'm like 'Dad, Casper is shivering, I think she's sick.' But he said no. Then she died. I was like 'Ya, I knew she was dying.'
That is my sad goat story.

Hello. This is Cartoon Toes. And this story is so depressing. One time I was watching this show called 'Planet Earth' and I don't know why I was even watching it, all nature shows are about is animal lovin' and killin. Anyway, there was this part about a baby deer, or something like that, it looked like dear, anyway this pack of wolves was chasing it. And the Momma deer was long gone with the herd. That herd sucked. And the worst part is that the camera man was just watching the whole thing, and talking about it. I do not think he even felt bad for the baby deer. Well as you probably guessed, it got killed. Why did I watch that show. There was also this part about gorillas, and this one gorilla ripped another gorilla's face off and carried it around in his mouth.